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Dry Roasted NON-GMO Peanuts ground to perfection in our 1950's Nut Grinder Dry Roasted NON-GMO Peanuts ground leaving crunchy chunks for that great flavor ***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE*** Golden Brown NON-GMO Sunflower Seeds ground
Raw Sunflower Seed Butter Ground 60% Dry Roasted NON-GMO Peanuts ground 40% Pure Dark Chocolate...DELICIOUS!!!***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE*** 60% NON-GMO Dry Roasted Peanuts 40% Pure White Chocolate***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE***
NON-GMO Dry Roasted Peanuts, Local Honey, Sea Salt...YUM!!!***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE*** A Blend of NON-GMO Peanuts, Ground Cinnamon,Currents and a touch of sugar Maple infused peanut butter!! SWEET!! ***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE***
Honey Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter A magical blend of NON-GMO Peanuts and Banana chips. What a tasty treat!! ***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE*** A marriage between Golden Flax Seeds and Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts!! If your need to get your Omega 3's on this is the JAR for You!!
A dessert spread consisting of layers of graham crackers,dark chocolate peanut butter and marshmallow...Like nothing you have had BEFORE!! ***Nutritional Info is in Second Photo*** A layered treat of Creamy Caramel,Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Crushed Peanuts Chocolate Peanut Butter blended with Raspberry Pure!! YUM
Gatherer's Squirrel Bait Granola blend with our Maple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Cookie dough peanut butter with toffee pieces!! Welcome to Asia Peanut Butter. This fantastic blend combines fresh ginger and garlic with dry roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. Yummy!***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE***
The name says it all ....Cookie Dough!!! Awesome!! NUTRITIONAL INFO IN SECOND PICTURE!! A blend of seeds and dried fruits with peanut bliss Roasted NON-GMO Pumpkin Seeds Ground Up!! Brain Food!!
Raw Coconut Butter***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE*** Peanut Butter packed with blueberries,strawberries,blackberries,raspberries,acai berries,gogi berries,cherries,gooseberries and pomegranate Dry Roasted NON-GMO Sesame Seeds Ground Up GREAT FOR HUMMUS
Non-GMO Toasted Coconut Ground Up!!! NON-GMO Almonds dry roasted to perfection with the skins ground up
A blend of peanuts,almonds,sunflower seeds,pistachios,brazil nuts, pine nuts,chia seeds,hemp seeds,sprouted broccoli seeds,goose berries,blueberries
A blend of peanuts,hazelnuts,almonds,sunflower seeds,pecans,chia seeds,hemp seeds,goji berries,banana chips,alfalfa seeds
A blend of peanuts,almonds,hazelnuts,sesame seeds,chia seeds,hemp seeds,strawberries,pumpkin seeds,cantaloupe,alfalfa seeds,golden flax seeds,cacao beans,brazil nuts,pine nuts peanuts,almonds,sunflower seeds,almonds,pistachios,sesame seeds,apricots,papaya,chia seeds,hemp seeds,alfalfa seeds***NUTRITIONAL FACTS IN SECOND PICTURE***